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All Star Liveaboards has teamed up with Dr Craig Dahlgren and the Bahamas Coral Restoration Network to hire marine biologist Nikita Shiel-Rolle. Nikata received a B.A. from the University of Miami Rosenstiel School for Marine Science and her masters degree from the University of Edinburgh. Nikita will be going out on our Bahamas liveaboards several times per month to conduct research. Part of this research will involve re-locating Diadema (long-spined sea urchins) from shallow areas onto deeper reefs. She will also be in charge of raising coral at the coral nursery and planting coral from the nursery onto the reef. Passengers are encouraged to assist. We will also be running a number of citizen science trips where passengers can assist with cleaning the reef of algae, collecting & re-locating Diadema, cleaning the coral nursery and planting coral from it onto reefs.

We have Citizen Science trips scheduled on the Cat Ppalu:
Sep 1-7

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