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†Carlis Harrell

Born in Eufaula, Alabama, Carlis came to us originally as a Dive Instructor and worked his way up the ranks as engineer, first mate of Aquacat, and eventually Captain of Cat Ppalu. Before joining the company he attended Auburn university. While there, he found his love of scuba diving while taking a class at the local dive shop. After Auburn, he attended Commercial Diving Academy in Jacksonville, FL where he became an instructor and commercial diver. After school, he ran environmental cleanup services, dredging and salvage operations, and underwater welding for about 3 years. He has a degree in mix gas theory and has been diving for the past 10 years. On his time off he enjoys traveling, backcountry camping, cooking, fishing, and sailing. Some of the places he has recently ventured to include South Africa, Scotland, Belgium, Italy, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Cayman Islands. He hopes to soon start backpacking the natural wonders of the world starting with Yellowstone National Park. He loves sailing, fishing, and free diving and has fallen in love with the Exumas. Some of his best times are simply sailing around the Exumas and enjoying the scenery.

Engineer, Dive Instructor

Corrai McManus

Born in Florida, raised in Alabama, Corr„i thrives in getting his hands dirty and engineering tirelessly as the food, the conversation, and the sights that come after come with greater satisfaction.† He spent his college days studying Philosophy and Psychology at Auburn University.† While he canít have the engines aboard the Cat Ppalu recline on a couch and unravel their feelings to him, a mind conditioned for analytical thought, attention to detail, and problem solving serve as the foundation for his newfound mechanical passion.†
Corr„i is an avid reader, a bluesy pianist, a world traveler, and a determined writer, hoping to cultivate some stories of his own out here and further advance his skills as an engineer. †


Caitlin Miles

Affectionately known as Caitz by friends and family, she hails from South Africa and grew up on a farm. Caitz has her BA in Education from the University of Free State and majored in Math and human movement/sports science. She loves cycling, horseback riding, swimming, watching movies and building puzzles. She canít help but dance when she hears music and is game for any outdoor activity. While in university, she took a course in scuba diving and that was all she wrote. She gave it a try and wants to become an instructor. You would never know it but she is the Annie Oakley of the crew and is a sure shot with a rifle.

Engineer, Dive Instructor

James Miller

Born and raised in Chatham Ontario with my three sisters and brother. I moved to Toronto when I turned 19. There I spent nearly a decade playing music and occasionally touring as a drum technician. I met my wife Martyna who was an avid diver and she got me doing the same. Diving eventually took over my life and in June 2016 I got my PADI instructor certification. Two months later I started at Blackbeardís and after four months on the sloops I moved to the Cat Ppalu.
Music is back to being my main hobby now that diving is part of my job. I like to spend my breaks back home in Toronto with my wife and band Chagall, who are all so patient with me being here. Martyna visits me often and has now started as a fill in Divemaster until she can commit to a full-time position.

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