Exuma Cays
Norman's Cay
Cat Ppalu snorkeling the Plane Wreck of Lehder
Norman's Cay won notice as the base of Colombian drug runner, Carlos Lehder, back in the 70's. Lehder's operation was eventually infiltrated by the "feds"; but only after a US congressman & his wife strayed too close and were murdered. There was a big DEA raid, all sorts of shooting in which Carlos Lehder was captured. The walls of some of the old houses are full of bullet holes. There is a crashed disintegrating aircraft in the southern harbor that is great for snorkeling with many fish and even a turtle or two as local residence of the wreck.
After all that hiking, bop into Mac Duff's (now known as the Norman's Beach Club Bar and Grill). Just watch for airplanes on the walk back to the boat as they come in for a quick landing on the runway.
The charter sailboat Cat Ppalu visits the northern Exumas every week. Cat Ppalu has 4 kayaks and 2 stand-up paddle boards on board for its guests use to explore the islands. Norman's Cay has a great inland bay that is interesting to explore.
Drift Dive Wax Cut south of the island which is a swift drift with the tides just right! Fly by coral gardens and tons of fish along the way.
Snorkel the plane wreck at Norman's Low tidal pool swim and explore South view to Norman's Cay
Aerial view of Norman's Cay Lehder's bullet ridden house
Bahamas sunsets Welcome to Norman's Cay Kayak Exumas
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