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On the eastern shores of this cay are some of the loveliest beaches in the Bahamas. Gin clear water washes up on pristine beaches, wading pools form with the tides. Step back in time and examine the Bahamian Stromatolite formations! Stromatolites are rare in today's oceans. However, they can be found in several localities along the margins of Exuma Sound. The Bahamian stromatolites are living relatives of Earth's oldest reefs. Bahamian stromatolites are the only known examples of present-day stromatolites growing in open ocean conditions, equivalent to those of many 1 to 2 billion year-old. Many research institutions have studied these extremely rare formations.
The Highborne Cay Marina has a dock where fisherman clean their catch of the day. The spectacle is all the nurse sharks that gather for the scraps that are tossed over. Be sure to walk out on the dock and see this feeding frenzy first hand!
Snorkeling along Highborne is fabulous and so is the diving! Basket-star Reef, with its prolific coral life and fish life is always a great dive and if you are feeling like a little excitement, dive into the Washing Machine! This cut offers a swirling ride thru the islands that divers love! These reefs can only be visited by liveaboard boats like the charter sailboat Cat Ppalu.
The Highborne Marina has a pretty well stocked grocery store for liveaboard boaters. There are 16 slips and they monitor VHF 71.
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Stromatolites Diving Highborne
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