Eleuthera Bahamas
Southwest has a variety of diving including several unique dives. It is a popular area to go for the liveaboard scuba diving boats when the winds are between North and east because the high cliffs of the island shelter the reefs that are just offshore. The walls drop straight off, so that you can hang off them and see nothing but water below. There are several large coral heads in shallower water that are shaped like large mushrooms with the top 100' across. One of the Split Coral Head is the site of our shark dive. There is a shallow blue hole, Jake's Hole that has a pristine reef around it. One of the most unique dives you will ever do is the Cobia Fish Cage. This is an experimental aquaculture fish cage to raise cobia. The cage looks something like a flying saucer as you approach it. Huge schools of fish including grouper and sharks hang out under and around the cage waiting for fish food to fall through the bottom of the cage. These dive sites are only visited by liveaboard dive boats like the liveaboard charter sailboat Cat Ppalu.