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Allen's Cay
Allen's Cay beach approach by boat Iguanas love grapes
World famous for its indigenous population of Rock Iguanas, Allen's Cay is a must for all ages! Allen's Cay is a Bahamian National Park administered by the National Trust. The only way to visit Allen's Cay is by boat. The charter sailboat Cat Ppalu visits Allen's Cay every week. It can pull right up to the beach and drop the bow ladder for easy access to the shore. The iguanas are so accustomed to tourists that they wait on the beach to be fed handouts. Visitors come bearing gifts for these iguanas in the form of fruit on a stick! Their eye sight must not be very good or their depth perception is off, because a finger and a grape look alike to them. Poke a grape on the end of a stick and see if you can snap that perfect photo with the iguana reaching up to snatch it and then watch it run off to eat. The entire population is estimated at 1,000 iguanas. The natural history of this iguana is perhaps the best understood of any rock iguana due to a 20-year population monitoring and research program. The Allen's Cay iguana is extremely well known to many yachters and sailors who share stories of their stop here and is a popular anchorage for liveaboard sailboats.
The seven year apple gets its name from those that try it, while it is edible; it tastes like turpentine, so you won't try it again for another 7 years. The fruit starts out green, as here, and gradually turns yellow, then black, then wrinkled as the dark brown pulp dries inside. Probably best to leave it for the iguanas!
When you are done with feeding the iguanas, the secluded sandy beach is a great place to swim and explore. Hike up and around to see if you can find the rock cairn constructed long, long ago....
The channel between the islands is a popular anchorage for sailboats and the waters around South Allen's are great for snorkeling.
The charter sailboat Cat Ppalu pulls right up to the shore. Seven year apple of the Bahamas Allen's Rock Cairn can be found by hiking over to the other side
Shells in the Bahamas are plentiful Aerial view of Allen's Cay
Charter Sailboat
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